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The Best Battles In The Pokemon Anime p1

Ash’s skills as a Trainer have increased dramatically since his journey began, and that’s due to the battles he’s had with his fellow Pokémon. me. Of his many fights, some stand out as the best in anime. These matches showcase the best aspects of the franchise: brilliant animations and non-stop action. The Best Battles In […]

TOP 5 Most Powerful Pokemon of All-Time P.2

6. Alakazam Get your spoon! This telepathic Pokémon, Alakazam, uses spoons to increase the power of his kinetic energy and decrease the accuracy of his opponent’s attacks. The ultimate evolution of Abra & Kadabra, Alakazam is just under 5” and over 105 Pounds. Can you name the Pokémon higher on this list that defeated Alakazam […]

If You Needed to Check, Yes, a Pokémon Hunting FPS Is Weirdly Disturbing

In case you need to check – although it’s almost certainly not – FPS when you’re hunting Pokémon is just as unsettling in practice as a concept. At the best of times, scrolling through Twitter can be a roller-coaster experience, and the platform certainly has its fair share of ‘things I wish I didn’t feel […]