5 planets have been destroyed in Dragon Ball

During the development of Dragon Ball, many times different planets were destroyed with evil purposes.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic series of all time. Started in the 90s until now, but its attraction has not decreased. Initially the story revolved around the journey of Goku and his friends on Earth, but now the scale is much larger. Through many stories, the author has introduced to fans many planets and races throughout the universe. And unfortunately one of the planets was destroyed for different reasons.

5 planets have been destroyed in Dragon Ball

Planet Arlia

The planet Arlia only appeared in one episode at the anime, but has become one of the most remembered planets throughout the Dragon Ball Z series. Arlia is inhabited by a race shaped like it an insect. But after being attacked and destroyed by Vegeta and Nappa and handed over to Frieza’s Army, all of this place has become a ruin.

Planet Namek

The destruction of planet Namek by Frieza’s actions became one of the biggest events of Dragon Ball Z. It introduced a whole new concept of Super Saiyan making it an icon of the whole world. series to this day. After being destroyed, King Kai searched for another planet to replace it, named New Namek. Like the previous planet, New Namek later also became a victim of conspiracy related to dragon balls.

In the Dragon Ball Super series, New Namek was absorbed all of his energy by Moro and was nearly destroyed once again. Fortunately, thanks to Vegeta’s “split spirit” technique, all the energy that Moro had absorbed returned to the way it was.

King Kai’s Planet

King Kai lives on a small planet far away, but is a very important place in the series. The planet must be destroyed by Cell when he “commits suicide” by blowing himself up with the aim of destroying the Earth. However, Goku was then teleported to King Kai’s planet, which killed all creatures here.

There is an interesting fact about the size of King Kai’s planet, before it was quite large, but after a wrath of the God of Destruction it was partially destroyed and became as small as it is today.

Planet Sadala

The planet Sadala was the first house of the Saiyans. Unfortunately, it was their own people who destroyed this beautiful planet. Internal strife caused Sadala’s destruction. After that, they moved to many other planets and decided to stay on Planet Vegeta. Interestingly, in universe 6, the planet Sadala still exists, currently it is the home of one of the Saiyans there, Cabba.

Makyo Star Planet

Makyo Star, also known as the Devil’s planet, is the “paradise” for the darkness of all things. This planet is home to Makyans like Garlic Jr. and their source of power depends on how close the planet is to their position. This planet is difficult to track, because it is constantly in motion, not stationary like other places. In the anime part Garlic Jr. Saga at Dragon Ball, it was destroyed by Gohan with a Red Energy explosion, which caused Garlic Jr. sucked up all its energy and had to leave Earth.

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