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Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers White Hair Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Owens tweaked his own codes today, introducing a flared-upper version of his killer platform boot. Another novelty was technical wear, delivered in the loose pants, shirts, and inverted jackets cut in gray ripstop nylon shot through with Dyneema, a fiber Owens said was “apparently one of the strongest in the world. I find it reassuring.” […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Astronaut Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Something else that happens on repeat, way less cataclysmically, are remarkable Rick Owens shows. This was another. His level is so high and his language so distinct—despite the tribute acts—that sometimes you almost wish he’d deliver a dud just to cleanse our collective palate. Click here to buy this shirt: Michael Myers Astronaut Halloween All […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Wildcats Team Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Armageddon. Apocalypse. End of Days. This Rick Owens show was the end of the world. Or at least that is what the three 2-meter-ish across orbs that were set alight by technicians, slowly lifted by crane high above us, and then dropped to a sizzling impact in the Palais de Tokyo fountain were there to […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Walk Away I Have Anger Issues And A Serious Dislike For Stupid People Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

If this sounds naive, that’s giving the wrong impression. If anything, Abloh’s team pulled out all the stops, proving their knowledge of the luxurious, couture-grade techniques Louis Vuitton is capable of. There were white leather bomber jackets and a coat with grand molded 18th-century French motifs, a rich array of flower and thistle embroideries and […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Vector Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Behind it was the concept of play—which tracks back to what Abloh once described as “the untainted vision of a child, not yet spoiled by societal programming.” Free play is where he believed creativity happens. As a multi-disciplinarian and collaborator across so many fields and across continents—DJ-ing, graphic design, furniture design, animation, music, film, museum […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers The Night He Came Home Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

The marching band of Florida A&M University, out of Tallahassee. A procession of athletic French LV flag wavers. And Kendrick Lamar in his crown of thorns, sending his lyrical incantation to the absent-presence of Virgil Abloh from his seat beside a conceptual Yellow Brick Road runway which swooped around a courtyard of the Louvre: “Virgil, […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Special Episode Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

That said, his suit silhouettes, with their double-breasted jackets and wide, drapey trousers were spot-on as non-disrupted standalones. The one that came out a bit later, the jacket and pants in two slightly different shades of burgundy was Dries Van Noten at his simple, elegant best. Click here to buy this shirt: Michael Myers Special […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Signature Design Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Click here to buy this shirt: “The Zazous in Paris in the 1940s, and Buffalo in London in the 1980s. Both were in periods which were a bit similar. Hard times. So we wanted to make our own version of that.” Dries Van Noten said he’d been researching male subcultures for inspiration this season. That […]