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What to read into that? Kawakubo is the eternal punk. Whatever she designs is essentially her way of going against the forces of the mainstream. That’s certainly why she’d been pondering a parallel with the ancient role of the court jester, a stock figure in Shakespearian theater whose talent for divertingly rude antics disguises their […]

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To the scratchy strains of a horror movie soundtrack, Rei Kawakubo came back from Tokyo to confront Paris with a scary troupe of clowns. At first sight, it seemed as if her inclusion of classic child-scaring half-masks might have been some sort of comment on the social impact of Covid face coverings, but notes sent […]

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It was clever, fun, and funny. Apart from the clues to the process we were subject to in the names of some of the paintings, Fenet—who is absolutely masterful at extracting serious sums of money with the lightest of rhetorical touches—was apparently representing an auctioneer named Superby’s. We got no indication of her commission. When […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Lady Killer Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Look 21 in this collection—a half-realized, elusive portrait on a pink sweater and pale cords—was based on an original painting called Con Artist. It was one of 23 Colm Dillane paintings, which in turn inspired the 23 looks in his KidSuper collection that were auctioned off by Christie’s Lydia Fenet live during his show. As […]

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That’s where his shows take us: seeing the shock of the ordinary and unnoticed broken apart and exalted. What about where Craig Green and fellow his travelers are going? You do get the impression that he’s leading men—with their climbing and trekking gear and all—to a better place, perhaps somewhere off-world; and certainly somewhere on […]

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It looked like the first leg had been on horseback. The first guy out had a pair of stirrups swinging from his belt. When the men wrapped in spectacularly padded and quilted blankets came on, the curlicued patterns were partly a salute to the ceramic workers of Wedgwood, combined with the faux-heraldry which Green associates […]

Boomidiadeal – Michael Myers Jaguars Team Halloween All Over Print Hoodie

Is Craig Green one man in search of the sublime? It certainly felt something like that to sit show-side, wondering exactly what was going on, while being visually saturated by his waves of beautiful color: white, peach, pinks, sage green, cerulean blue, yellow, beige, brown. As a line in the press release read, Green’s men […]