Dragon Ball Producer Wants To Overcome Axie Infinity And Enter The Metaverse

With joining the metaverse, the company intends to offer NFT and crypto rewards to its players, who will be able to get the most out of Korean MMORPGs.

Netmarble , the makers of Dragonball Online , widely regarded as one of the best Dragon Ball MMORPG games , has announced that they will be joining the metaverse with the release of money games . As a result, the company will be able to compete with Sky Mavis, which is responsible for Axie Infinity.

The announcement was made by Netmarble CEO Bang Jun-hyuck. The company is currently Korea’s largest mobile and tablet game development studio.

According to Jun-hyuck, the team is working on developing new games for mobile phones and tablets, involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, Netmarble’s metaverse will have its own token, which will be used in the game’s economy.

“We plan to develop metaverse games that will allow users, whether individuals or companies, to acquire virtual assets that can be exchanged for real assets, such as money,” said Jun-hyuck. currency, through blockchain technology.

The company’s first game to integrate NFTs will be the sequel to Everything’s Marble, which currently has more than 2 million players, according to the executive. The Metaverse of Marble People will allow players to buy and sell land and buildings in a virtual version of Korea.

In addition, the executive also announced avatars named Hena, Lina and Siu, who will perform as a virtual actor and singer and appear as characters in the game.

Netmarble joins metaverse with everything

Additionally, Netmarble has announced that it will be dedicating one of its offices to its developments in the metaverse. It also highlights that the games will follow the same fate as Mir4, a popular MMORPG featuring NFTs and other tradable in-game assets.

However, even though Netmarble is South Korea’s largest game maker, their play-for-money games will only be available in the country as a regular, free-to-play and no-reward MMORPG. cryptocurrency, unlike players in other countries.

This is because the country has ordered app stores to remove any games with crypto prizes of any kind, including those that allow NFT trading for cash. .

This may not be an issue for Netmarble, however, as in 2021, 74% of the company’s revenue comes from sales outside of Korea, and the team expects this number to exceed 80%. in 2022.

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