What will the characters in Dragon Ball be like in the live-action series? No more thinking: we have the answer

If you read this regularly, you know that I hate Dragon Ball Evolution, the anime adaptation we all grew up with and that gave us the worst movie in history. And no, I’m not exaggerating. From the characterization of each character in it, to the poorly executed cardboard and CGI. Luckily, HelvecioBNF, a well-known social media user, worked a while ago to reverse the results!

Through his Deviantart profile, I was able to access an infographic in which we can see what 18 of the most important characters in Dragon Ball would look like today. if someone contact him in the character department to spawn a live-action series based on the anime. You will love the results.

Why isn’t Dragon Ball Evolution like this?

  • Some of the characters that have been transformed into real life are Goku, Vegeta, Goha, Trunks, Bulma or Yamcha . ✅
  • Perhaps we have a notable absence: it’s Piccolo, though, there are 18 Dragon Ball characters turned into real people, the guy has done a lot of things. ✅
  • Nappa, Vegetta’s sidekick… Doesn’t he look too much like Dwayne Johnson? This artist must have thought of him when making this character set. ✅

The question I ask myself now is… How did a studio give the green light to Dragon Ball Evolution? They have no eyes and don’t see that it’s a complete mess? Luckily, people like HelvecioBNF work free to slap production companies that spend their lives destroying anime adaptations without rhyme or reason, and then blame the source material cause disaster.

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